Eldblå [interior] designs and produces hand-woven carpets and tufted rugs, sound absorbers, sun protection and shielding for windows. All in natural materials – wool, silk, linen & wood.

Tufted rugs

Round and round / 400 x 235 cm This pattern is composed by a background tufted in wool and circles tufted in silk. Both background and circles are dyed in the same color but silk has a much higher shine and therefore the pattern appears – depending on the light and from what angle you … Read More

Sun shielding

Fine quality of wool mounted to a frame work of wood. You can see the light filter through the fine wool fibers. When daylight you get sunlight in your room but still sun shielding, outside you see the frame work add to the window bars in a decorative way but you don’t get to see into … Read More

Woven carpets

100% Norwegian wool / 150 x 800 cm. This carpet is hand-woven on Gotland & also available in other sizes. Care instructions – please air regularly, snow wash or if necessary, dry clean. Design: Karin Kloth  

Sound absorbers

A series of sound absorbers with prints inspired by light and shadows in foliage. Digitally printed on halflinen and mounted on a frame of wood covering acoustic plates. Can be placed on walls, ceilings or used stand-alone. We custom make them according to your preferences. For price, please email us.