Eldblå [interior] designs and produces hand-woven carpets and tufted rugs, sound absorbers, sun protection and shielding for windows. Can be order in fixed sizes or custom made. All in natural materials – wool, silk, linen & wood.

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  • Silk & wool rugs
  • Soundabsorber & sunshielding
  • Woven carpets


SAND LINE, 0,65 x 2 m. A single precise line is the basis for the design of this handwoven rug. This design of carpet can be ordered in other sizes the striped patterns, adaptable to the location for a coherent overall look. 


Sliding door that filters the light, protects against the sun and visibility in the evening. Made by cabinetmakers on Gotland, painted and then mounted with a thin wool fabric. The squareness of the frame is accentuated by the backlight and adjusted according to placement.


FOCUS, the rug is one color, it is the different characters in the materials that make the pattern, the shiny silk towards the rougher wool The bottom is in wool and the pattern is silk, both colored in the same shade.


Indoor outdoor, shadow pattern printed on linnen. Is a functional an beautiful soundabsorber, avalible in different sizes, example 80 x 80 cm, 100 x 145 cm