The characteristics of wool is what interest us. Structures of a knitted or woven material, how every thread and its density creates different structures that shapes each product. This, together with the natural colours of the wool and its luster and how the light works on these surfaces, is what we look for. This is eldblå.

The manufacturing of Eldblå [made of gotland] takes place locally in our cottage industry on the Swedish island of Gotland. The collection consists of hand-knitted, hand woven & woven products made by experienced artisans out of 100% Gotlandic wool.

The production takes place in the local cottage industry of the Swedish island of Gotland. All products are durable and environment-friendly. The knitwear consists of 100 % Swedish and Gotland wool. The cottage industry keeps around 30 hand-knitters busy, all with their own personal touch. The woven blankets, on the other hand, are machine woven in Latvia and contain approximately 40% wool from Gotland sheep and 60% from other species such as the Swedish sheep.

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